Thoughts from those who knew Dr. Barnett Slepian or received the Slepian Memorial Fund Grant.

“To limit the education of future medical providers on the facts surrounding abortion only decreases the safety and quality of care that women who seek an abortion receive. It is for this reason that I believe abortion services are a medical need, not a political platform.”

“What a privilege it was to receive the Slepian Grant. The grant afforded me the training that  I desired as a medical student, but it was Dr. Slepian’s life that truly inspired me as a physician. I strive to one day become a doctor of such strong character, passion and courage.”

“In my training program, I felt as if I was working in an environment much like Dr. Slepian did, as I went to work amidst people holding up graphic signs, trying to hand me rosaries, and sprinkling holy water on me and the clinic. I felt truly privileged to be able to provide such a life – altering procedure to so many women in a safe, respectful setting.”

“I will use my abortion training to improve not only my own clinical experience and knowledge, but also to gain facts and insight that I can share with my fellow medical students. This training will allow me to show my classmates that abortion is a procedure that should be the concern for all future medical providers, not just future abortion providers.”

“Thanks to the Slepian Fund, I was able to travel to complete my training in abortion care. As a practicing family physician, I am happy to say I continue to provide full scope reproductive health services including abortion.  I also teach many residents and students who I hope will be tomorrow’s providers.”

“Because of the Slepian Grant, I was able to see firsthand how access to abortion and the ability to have planned, wanted pregnancies is so essential to the health of women and their families. It also meant a lot to me that Slepian Grant is in honor of Dr. Slepian, as I  truly feel that because of this experience I had, which the grant made possible, I will someday be following in his footsteps and be inspired to provide healthcare to women the way that he did – comprehensively and compassionately.”

“I am deeply grateful for your generous gift in support of my abortion training with the Midwest Access Project.This was the most important rotation of my medical school career.”